Thursday, May 04, 2006

And so it begins...

I've set up this blog to specifically log my exploits in my quest to improve the cooling and noise of my June 2003/FW-400 Dual-1.25 Ghz MDD PowerMac G4...partly because I wanted to make sure I'd keep track of what I did, and partly becuase I hope that this will come as something of helpful lesson to other PowerMac G4 owners who are looking into fiddling with their system. I think this is especially important as the two main sources of information and help with upgrading and improving the cooling and noise of the PowerMac G4 (especially later models like the MDD) - and the YahooGroups G4noise email discussion group - seem to have been lost forever to history.

The first two posts to this blog were originally posted to my main, personal blog...originally I had intended to make this a continuing series on my blog, but I realized that a lot of my friends aren't really interested in stuff like this, and I'd like other people to see what I've been doing and give me feedback without worrying about them looking at more personal stuff I post to my blog.

I'll post more later about how I got started, but the general gist is that I was encouraged to start this project by viewing sites like Steve Smedley's Aqua-Mac page, and the various pages found on xlr8yourmac. My aim was simple:

1) Improve the cooling of the G4 (as quantified by Marcel Bresink's Temperature Monitor)
2) Improve the noise output of the G4 (in terms of reducing fan noise output)
3) Keep it bootable in OS 9
4) Not break the bank in process

So did I succeed? Well, for all the trouble I had to go through, I hope so...


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